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Milestone Multi Trade Pvt Ltd is one Such Organization which not only gives you the mantra for success but also makes your future better by way of team and time management, but to become sucessful first you should have belief in yourself.

Milestone is the creative imagination of group of people who themselves have many years of experience in business and their names are trusted by many prominent businessman. We at Milestone will help you learn the simple ethics of effective business develoment and help you earn as much you want, we teach you the importance of team work, time management and multilevel marketing. So how do you become a sucessful businessman? By following simple rules and regulation of becoming rich.

Here in Milestone, we have a unique concept which will take you to great heights and will make you free from this worried life so that you can plan our future in a better way. We have four point income programs for you, where you can earn lakhs of rupess every month within a period of one year and also receive rewards which will boost your confidence.

The following are the seven point income program:-
1. Direct Income
2. Daily Group Income
3. Daily Set Income
4. Weekly Set Income
5. Direct Royalty Income
6. Retail Income
7. Recognition

In order to become an Individual Distribuor, A person has to buy a package from us. After becoming an Individual Distribuor, you will automatically get business opportunities to make Fortunes.
Vision & Mission
Everyone has assets either in the physical form or in the virtual form. Time is a form of virtual asset. Few people realize the value of their assets, let alone gaining from them. At Milestone, we have a purpose - the purpose of creating awareness among our Independent Distributor to generate new assets and make multiple gains. As the challenges to face the economic difficulties increase, the common man is always in search of opportunities to increase his financial power. Though opportunities abound, very few possess the knowledge of choosing the right opportunity. Even if the right path is choosen, the actual block comes when he faces the process "How to do it successfully?"

We at Milestone provide the right support system with the right products for the right people. We are the leaders in bringing to all indian homes world class products and services at best prices. We offer the best opportunity in the country that combines:-

1. High income generation
2. Dynamic personal development
3. A lifestyle of satisfaction & freedom
 About Us
Milestone Multi Trade Pvt Ltd was established in 2011 at Maharashtra. With last ten years of our marketing services we have grown to high levels. Milestone Multi Trade Pvt Ltd is promoted by a business group which has a vast experience in the field of direct marketing.
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